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Practitioner: Katy Pavlis, Ritual change

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  • Katy Pavlis, LMT and Words Between Worlds

    You can learn more about me and my work at: 

    If you are a first time client, please know that I will contact you to set up a free phone consultation that will be scheduled at your convenience. During this call we will discuss your specific circumstances and healing intentions to be sure that what I offer is the correct fit for your needs. Thank you for your interest in my work, I look forward to being of service to you!

    Intuitive Readings

    Bring your intentions and questions—where are you seeking clarity? This creates the path. I use cards, as well as my perceptive gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and empathic intuition to help you gain clarity around your questions and intentions. I will sometimes use soft and repetitive sounds during a session to increase my perception, such as gentle rattling or soft drumming.

    Personal Healing Ceremonies

    Bring your healing intentions and become the center of a beautiful healing altar. Things that could take place during your healing ritual include: Cord Cutting, Energetic Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Energy Balancing, Release of overshadowing energies/spirits, Conversation with your ancestors/guides/allies, Release of spiritual or ancestral bindings/curses, Hands on energy healing, Smoke and water smudging, Herbal oil anointment, Plant-spirit healing.

    Plant Immersion Ceremonies

    A gift from the plant spirits, these ceremonies offer a five element healing immersion with a specific plant. A combination of massage and bodywork with plant-infused oils, as well as smoke smudging, infused water blessing and anointing, the laying on of plant bundles, and energetic healing with flower essences. Experience the plant through a cordial or elixir, if you so choose. I will also use prayer and sacred plant songs to invite the spirit of the plant into the ritual to tend to your healing intentions. 

    Each ceremony lasts approximately 90 minutes. Please choose one: Rose, Pine, Lilac, Nettle, Sage, Violet, Bleeding Heart, Devil's Club, or Douglas Fir. 

    Private Instruction

    Private and small group (up to four participants) instruction. Here are some of the topics I have worked on students with in the past: Intuitive development, Development of the “clair-senses” and visioning abilities, Ritual design (individual and group rituals and rites of meaning), Psychic/energetic protection and boundaries, Exploration of personal cosmology and relationship to the mystery, Tarot, Energetic healing techniques, Prayer and meditation, Crafting an altar, Dreaming as a technique for visioning, Crafting sacred items,Ceremonialist Training.


    Bodywork sessions are intended to address imbalances in the physical and energetic bodies through hands on massage therapy and energy work techniques. During a bodywork session, I combine what I've learned from my past experiences of working in spas and clinical treatment environments with my intuitive, ritual, and energy working skills. I also use aromatherapy and herb-infused oils to support your well-being on all levels.

    Dreamtending Ceremony

    A guided visionary journey into your own dreamworld in service to your personal and spiritual healing and wholeness. You will bring one night dream that you have written down to the ceremony, and from this dreamspace the journey begins.

    Soul Retrieval Ceremony

    A four hour ceremony to support the clarity and wholeness of your spirit and soul, so that they may be fully and peacefully present with your physical body. If you select this ceremony, we will set up a time to have a free phone consultation, regardless of if you are a pre-existing client or not. This ceremony has a shamanic drummer present, and you may also bring one supportive ally. Please bring a giveaway for the drummer and ally to thank them for their service.