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Practitioner: Vanessa Ainslie, Bodywork, Energy Healing, Therapeutic Dialog change

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  • Healing for Mind, Body, & Spirit

    ***PLEASE NOTE I NO LONGER OFFER FULL BODY MASSAGE. If you are looking to schedule a massage, please book with Katlynn Roumeliotis***

    My approach to mind-body integrative healing offers a safe space to explore un-processed traumas that show up in our bodies and energetic fields. The space these blockages take up in our being have a way of displacing our sense of self. By weaving therapeutic dialoging, bodywork, and energy work we are able to integrate your experiences and call all your soul parts home.  

    Because I offer such a range of modalities, I like to keep it simple when booking an appointment. At the time of your session, we will discuss your treatment goals and preferences.

    I prefer to work within a 90 min session as it affords us the time to let our sessions unfold in a way that is effective and integrative.

    The range of modalities that I pull from include:

    • Therapeutic Dialoging
    • Bodywork
    • Craniosacral Therapy
    •  Energy Clearing/Extraction
    •  Sound Healing
    • Guided Journey
    • Chakra Balancing
    • Compassionate Depossession
    • Personal Ceremony
    • Cord Cutting


    I believe herbs and gemstones can be powerful allies and medicine and will often incorporate them into our work together and/or suggest take home remedies.


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