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Practitioner: VANESSA AINSLIE, energy healing, somatic bodywork, shadow work
Service:Space Clearing change

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Physical spaces can accumulate stagnant energies leading to disturbances in our well-being. This ceremony compassionately removes stuck energies and entities and offers blessings to the benevolent spirits of this land and home offering healing to the spirits of all who have dwelled here, you,  and your relations past present and future. Your level of participation is completely up to you. Some prefer to participate, some do not. Traditionally, a gathering of family and friends in support of this work remain at the altar to sing and drum (instruments can be provided if needed) and tend to the altar space. During our time together we will build up your house altar or create one if it doesn't already exist. I will bring objects to gift to your altar that will remain in your care. We'll start inside, traveling from room to room burning aromatic herbs, drumming, singing, and performing salt burns and move outside and around the perimeter of your home. During this ceremony I listen for any requests or messages the benevolent spirits of the land or house have and will share any information I receive. Any lingering energies or entities no longer welcome will be compassionately assisted to places they can and do serve.  Once a space has been cleared I suggest offerings given and an intentional blessing to be named to the 4 directions.

I will bring with me all tools and supplies needed to perform the ceremony. Depending on the size of your space, it usually takes 2-4 hours.

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    Combining modern neuroscience and somatic approaches with traditional Earth Medicine practices to shift liming self beliefs, energetic blockages, and align with the  truest version of yourself


    Healing ceremonies are intentional spaces designed to establish energetic hygiene and sovereignty, bring inner harmony and blessings into your life, and reconnects your vital life energy  and call soul parts home. Sessions may include: energy healing, extraction of intrusive energies or entities, sound healing, guided journey + meditation, cord cutting, ancestral healing, and plant medicine


    Transformational ritual to clear stagnant energies and call soul parts home. Includes ceremonial burning of aromatic herbs, full body anointing with herbal oils and lustral waters, guided sound journey, extraction of intrusive energies/entities, and a ritual salt burn


    Vanessa believes engaging with the healing power of plants is an active form of self care and prefers to connect to folks individually to meaningful ways of connecting to self and land.

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