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Practitioner: VANESSA AINSLIE, energy healing, somatic bodywork, shadow work
Service:Soul Tending Therapeutic Session (90min) change

This work focuses on reintegrating your soul part(s) by examining the root source of your wounds verbally and then accessing body sensations felt in present time and space and offering positive bio-feedback through bodywork and vibrational healing tools such as sound healing and plant medicine to remind your soul that your body is no longer in danger. This creates a natural and unforced invitation, calling to any dis-integrated soul parts to return as they are ready.

I prefer to work within a 90min session in order to give us enough time to explore inner landscapes and incorporate time on the table for receiving bodywork and energetic healing.

This healing process is far-reaching and slow going, and should be approached with tenderness and compassion. It often paves the way for ancestral healing and dismantling the way we've internalized current systems of kyriarchy under which we live.

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    Combining modern neuroscience and somatic approaches with traditional Earth Medicine practices to shift liming self beliefs, energetic blockages, and align with the  truest version of yourself


    Healing ceremonies are intentional spaces designed to establish energetic hygiene and sovereignty, bring inner harmony and blessings into your life, and reconnects your vital life energy  and call soul parts home. Sessions may include: energy healing, extraction of intrusive energies or entities, sound healing, guided journey + meditation, cord cutting, ancestral healing, and plant medicine


    Transformational ritual to clear stagnant energies and call soul parts home. Includes ceremonial burning of aromatic herbs, full body anointing with herbal oils and lustral waters, guided sound journey, extraction of intrusive energies/entities, and a ritual salt burn


    This ceremony clears stagnant energy and offers blessings to align your space with its intended use.


    Vanessa believes engaging with the healing power of plants is an active form of self care and prefers to connect to folks individually to meaningful ways of connecting to self and land.

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