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Practitioner: Susan DuMett, Hypnotherapy, Energetic Healing, Spiritual Counsel-Care change

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  • Mind | Energy | Voice: Healing, Empowerment and Mentoring with Susan

    Susan is a highly intuitive mind empowerment and energy healing practitioner. She is skilled in helping people untangle thoughts, energy, emotions to find greater clarity, confidence and well-being. She is certified in a number of healing modalities and draws upon them all to customizes sessions to meet your specific needs. These include: Energy Assessment and Healing, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Regression, Hypnotic Journeying, Life Strategy Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring, Vocal Sound Healing, Voice Empowerment Training, Teaching of Mind Empowerment and Energetic Health Tools and Practices, as well as Intuition Building and Psychical Development Mentoring.  Visit her website or contact her,, 206.551.5688.
    • Discovery Session/Initial Consult Free
      Schedule a Discovery Session with Susan to learn how the powerful combination of Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing can support you in healing and reaching your goals.
    • Hypnotherapy-Energy Healing Sessions
      Take a deep dive to the root of what's ailing or challenging you and emerge stronger, more confident, and clear. The combination of hypnotherapy and energy healing helps you tend to and then transcend trauma, tune into exactly what your body needs for healing and regeneration, and gives you the clarity to shift and uplift yourself into greater well-being, confidence, power and purpose.Together we identify limiting beliefs and behaviors and work together to recalibrate your mind and energy patterns to serve your optimal health and happiness.
    • Between Sessions Phone or Zoom Energy Work + Guidance (35m)
      Sometimes you need a tune-up or something big comes up as you are working through things and need to help. Susan offers mini-sessions between and beyond full-sessions to help you clear energy, gain new insight, and get positive support on your unique path.